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Mount Papandayan: Travel Tracking For Beginners

Papandayan Mountain situated in Garut, West Java, precisely in the District Cisurupan, the Papandayan Mountain is a strato Mountain with an altitude of 2665MDPL.

Famous crater of the Papandayan Mountain is still active, always remove the smoke from the side of it, in addition to craters, mountains papandayan also famous for dying forests and grasslands edelweis, so they think how to Mount Papandayan ?

Jakarta, May 14, 2015, we started the trip to the Mountain Papndayan Go To Garut, West Java from cilandak  to Kampung Rambutan Terminal around 08:00 pm. (Rp. 5,000 / person) 8:20 pm We arrived at the terminal kampung rambutan, we direct bus ride majors Terminal Guntur Garut, and Bus begin departing At 9:00 pm, Rp. 60,000, (Actually  Rp.52.000  probably because at that time we were unlucky we are in contact with brokers at the rate of 60,000 / person) hiks hiks:

14:00 pm We arrived at the terminal Guntur Garut, West Java, short break and find public transportation to get to the village Cisurupan, we waited almost an hour because of public transportation would pass if the quota is full, While waiting for public transportation departing we buy some snacks to eat there. 15:00 pm Public transportation to the new Cisurupan depart after a full quota of about 15 people, Rp. 20,000 / person.

16:00 pm we reached the village Cisurupan, we break briefly to wash the face which began shabby :D continued with the 'Asr prayer in one mosque and spent cigarette.

Someone who looks like a motorcycle taxi driver approached us who are on a break and without strings attached to invite us to talk talk, a lot of things to be told from mas motorcycle, ranging from the visitors who come to papandayan up the story a story that happened in papandayan, as once happened accident a foreign climbers to the farthest corners of the crater etc.

16:30 pm We continue the journey to Basecamp Papandayan using Ojeks 30,000 / person, or can also use the car Pick Up at a rate 20,000 / person but must wait until there are 13 new people car about to leave, so we decided to use taxis because it was already very late, and because we are a little uneasy also because of earlier talked a lot together mas motorcycle taxi driver ...: D

17:20 pm We arrived at the Gate / Entrance Papandayan and do not forget a motorcycle taxi driver for us to lay our buy entry tickets Rp. 7,500 / Person (Holiday) A few minutes after the entrance Papandayan we arrived at Basecamp Mountain Papandayan, one of the told me to report to the base camp, there are some rules that we must obey that which can not be separated from the cleanliness. Levies cleanliness Rp.4000 / 4 People.

17:30 pm we just hurried up after all the administrative time resolved because it was almost dark.

18:00 pm On the way we rest, prayer and not Forget to Eat a cup of coffee too: D, and we continued our journey to Pondok Saladah (The Camp) Neighborhood At 18:30 hrs) night because we could not enjoy the scenery around just blowing sound crater What we have heard with a very pungent aroma (Do not Forget to Bring Mask)

21:15 pm we arrived at the first post, a memamnggil us to report our trip. 

21:30 pm We arrived at the lodge Saladah, we immediately look for a comfortable place and immediately set up a tent to rest and continue the journey to the summit tomorrow morning.

Day II

6:00 pm The morning greeted with the cool, we are less sleep soundly because cold very cold when it is not raining, we recommend wants to bring papandayan thick sleeping bag :D,

The four of us together draw up a plan of climbing the summit while enjoying a glass of your favorite coffee each, which struck us as an energy source triggers the spirit of climbing, do not forget also with a little breakfast of white rice in barengi stick fries the rest of overnight :D, yes ascent this time we did bring a lot of food hehehe: D, after we filled energy directly tidy up everything and rushed toward the top Papandayan At 8:00 pm.

8:00 pm we begin to set foot with the other climbers climbers, who also recently started up. Along the way we were treated scenery Natural scenery is so beautiful that we had never seen before, quite how beautiful our universe is God's creation, we are so very grateful to be able to enjoy it and we feel proud to stand here in the homeland of Indonesia. We will not Run from the moment wasting with Photo selfies =)) while another scolds greetings to fellow climbers passing.

There is a climber that caught our attention, a climber who seems pretty old, he is a father who was climbing alone, with a daypack small and aided by a tracking pool faithful to follow the spirit of steps to climb, we too sempet chat and chat conversation asked many question to him because the father's mountaineering experience is already quite a lot. Unfortunately we did not have time to ask what's his name, the plan he would to Nepal when it retires. Good luck sir ... wkwkwkwk

12:30 pm we finally reached the top Papandayan, because the thick fog and the shade of the trees we could not enjoy the view of the summit. , , .heuu Heuu :(.

Kampung Rambutan terminal - Terminal Guntur Garut: Rp. 52,000 
Terminal Guntur Garut - Cisurupan Rp. 20,000 
Cisurupan - basecamp Rp. Via Ojeks 30,000 and Rp. 20. 000 Via Pick Up 
Admission: Rp. 7,500

More or less as it was about the story of our trip to Mt. Papandayan Garut, West Java, Hope can be useful for reference and we all #Salam #MaszalPemalangAdventure 

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